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Wallcoverings by Missoni Home

MissoniHome Wallcoverings01 is a collection that completes Missoni’s already broad and historic line with a multitude of colourful proposals dedicated to decorating private and public interior walls. Finally, walls dress themselves in Wallcoverings MissoniHome! 

Colours, shades, nuances and contrasts are intertwined in endless games and reading graphics frames, in-line with innovative or iconic signs of Missoni’s style. As a result, we see Romantic sunrises and sunsets graphic patterns, fascinating and amazing borealis lights. 

A mix in between natural elements - hellebore, pink, botanical prints - and woman faces, flower falls and sophisticated foliage. Furthermore, the iconic zigzag Missoni’s pattern couldn’t be left out as well as degradé lines proposed in different colour gradations.

Beklager, der er ingen produkter, der matcher din søgning.