Wallpaper Society Danmark - Les Papiers Tapet Kollektion fra Jean Paul Gaultier

Les Papiers by Jean Paul Gaultier

Let’s introduce the wallpapers... Finally an end to timid walls... From now on they will enchant and seduce. We are delighted that the first collection of wallpapers from Lelièvre is from the universe of haute couture and Jean Paul Gaultier. This is just the start of many daring collections which will be developed by Lelièvre.

Completing a wardrobe or an interior space requires the same approach... wallpaper is both traditional and innovative at the same time, taking us on a new adventure with Lelièvre. We know that they have the same level of craftsmanship as we have in our haute couture fashion!

Beklager, der er ingen produkter, der matcher din søgning.